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Acit Learning & Solutions offers many official training courses preparing for publisher certifications; among others Microsoft, VMware, Comptia, Citrix, Cisco, ITIL®, Check Point or Linux. He accompanies his trainees during the period of preparation for the exam by offering them standard courses integrating the preparatory training as well as the tests to be obtained in order to achieve their objective.


These courses, developed by professionals for professionals, allow you both to learn about computers and to improve your skills. Having our own over-equipped center, we put the best of ourselves, every day, so that our training courses are of the best possible quality.

Acit Learning & Solutions allows participants to establish their own training schedule in relation to their schedule. 


ACIT Learning & Solutions works in small groups of trainees, for greater efficiency.
All our trainers are selected on fairly strict criteria. What makes the great strength of our team is that we share the same values: above all, competence, that is to say, the technical and pedagogical mastery of its subject.

Our New Products 2021

MS Project 2019: 

Reminder of the fundamental principles of project management and its logistical and financial constraints; and the success  of project planning


CompTIA A+: 

Master the maintenance and troubleshooting of PCs equipped with a Microsoft Windows 10 OS, in a network environment and provide all the knowledge necessary to become a good IT Support.

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Office 365 : 

Planning, Deployment, Configuration and Administration

SQLServer 2016:
Learn to administer a Transactional Database on SQL Server 2016
2MSI: IS audit and management method

Provides answers to three recurring problems:

- The uncontrolled complexity of the IS

- The fragility of IS security

- The absence of Stakeholder Management on SI 

VMware VCP6-DCV:

Data Center Virtualization with VMware 6.7

Microsoft AZURE:

​​- Manage your SI in the CLOUD

- Windows AZURE & Active Directory

Windows Server 2019:


- Installation, Gestion du Stockage et des        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_  treatments

- Administration of Windows Server 2019

- Windows Server 2019 RDS Services 


- Learn Object Oriented programming;

-Python 3.8


Linux certifications and training

There are three LPI certifications, defining three levels of capabilities that a system administrator must possess. Passing a certification of a certain level requires possessing the lower levels.

  • Level 1 is the "junior administrator" level: the goal is to show the ability to properly administer a Linux system.

  • Level 2 is the "advanced administrator" level: it extends level 1 by testing the ability to manage a fleet of Linux stations and their integration in a heterogeneous environment.

  • Level 3 is the "senior administrator" level: this level tests the experience of managing the fleet and the knowledge of the appropriate technologies to manage large fleets of Linux stations.

Exams available:



Nos Formateurs :


  • Notre équipe formation recrute avec soin les meilleurs formateurs de leur domaine, en sélectionnant ceux qui allient qualités pédagogique et expertise dans leur domaine d’intervention.

  • a majorité d’entre eux mène en parallèle une activité professionnelle sur un poste technique ou bien en tant que consultant, en lien avec les formations qu’ils dispensent. Ils sont donc aptes à vous transmettre des compétences opérationnelles, à répondre à toutes vos questions et à vous renseigner sur les écueils à éviter.

  • Tous nos formateurs sont sélectionnés sur des critères assez sévères. Ce qui fait la grande force de notre équipe, c'est que nous partageons les mêmes valeurs : avant tout, la compétence, c'est à dire, la maîtrise technique et pédagogique de son sujet. 

Linux Training and Certifications

LPI pour Linux Professional Institute est une organisation non gouvernementale proposant_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_des certifications validant les compétences des titulaires concernant la mise en place et la maintenance_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_system infrastructure, client and server, based on Linux, regardless of the distribution used.

Linux Server LPI 101


• Recognize the hardware: PCI / USB ports, BIOS settings for booting, physical addresses (IRQ, DMA)

• Know how to install and configure a GNU/Linux system on a PC type workstation

• Know how to use system runlevels (shutdown, restart, single and multiuser)

• Know how to install and uninstall programs on RedHat or Debian family distributions, and manage shared libraries

• Know the basics of the command line (Bash, vi)

• Manage common disks, partitions and file systems (including quotas)

• File management: permissions and properties, search and links.

Linux Server LPI 102


Set up the shell and write simple scripts in Bash;

• Basic use of the SQL language;

• Install and configure the graphical interface;

• Know the accessibility tools;

• Perform basic administration tasks;

• Install and configure essential system services;

• Have the network notions essential to system administration;

• Know how to set up a level of security on workstations

Linux Server LPI 201 & 202


  • Measure and forecast hardware resource usage

  • Know how to customize the kernel and manipulate modules

  • Know and customize the system boot process

  • Manage file systems and storage devices

  • Configure network

  • Perform routine maintenance operations.

  • Configuring DNS Servers

  • Configuring WEB services (Apache, Squid and NGINX)

  • Configuring SaMBa and NFS File Shares

  • Configuring Network Clients

  • Configuring email servers

  • Implementation of secure services

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